Wisin’s sexy new video for “Adrenalina” has Ricky Martin and JLO getting sexy

From Jennifer Lopez twerking and sweaty, to Ricky Martin nibbling and kissing all over JLO’s body this music video is nothing short of hot, hot, hot!!!

Wisin's new song "Adrenalina" featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin
Wisin’s new song “Adrenalina” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin

Wisin, from famous Reggaeton duo Wisin Y Yandel, has released a solo song featuring the vocals of Latin Music’s two biggest icons, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.

“Adrenalina” pulls from a mix of Reggaeton and house music along with sounds of simple instruments such as whistles and drums made of trash cans.

The sound and feel of the song is phenomenal. From beginning to end this song will have you dancing and completely enraptured in the song as a whole.

Let’s break it down talk about these vocals. Jennifer Lopez always excels when she sings in Spanish. I tend to prefer some of her work in Spanish to some of her English hits.

In this song her vocals are soft, beautiful, sensual and sweetly delivered. You mix that with Ricky Martin’s silky smooth voice and you have a very sensual club banger.

Video stills from the "Adrenalina" music video
Video stills from the “Adrenalina” music video

Wisin does a great job as well, but the bad decision was recruiting these two because they definitely overpower him especially in the video.

The music video for “Adrenalina” features many highlight moments. To begin with the first shot of JLO when she is singing her verse of the song is hot. She is sporting a gold sequence jacket (that wouldn’t do a good job at keeping anyone warm.)

Underneath a visible black bra and black zip up short shorts, a black snapback and black heels. And this isn’t the hottest that it gets for Ms. Lopez.

Every outfit just gets progressively sexier and so does her scenes. I want to first address that this is one of the first videos that we get to see 90’s JLO reemerge and it was one of the best things ever.

JLO plays up her sexy for this new music video with Ricky Martin.
JLO plays up her sexy for this new music video with Ricky Martin.

She is actually dancing again and it made me so happy because that is one of the things that makes this beautiful songstress stand out from the other 90’s pop divas.

The video also showcases Lopez playing dominatrix and pulling two girls by their hair around a cage. The video also shows Lopez and Martin getting pretty sexual with each other.

From wet grinding, to kissing and nibbling there is no shortage of sexual tension between these two. I loved the fact that these two have proven that no matter how old you are you can still have sex appeal and look hotter than ever.

Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez get sexy for "Adrenalina"
Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez get sexy for “Adrenalina”

The video is one of the hottest things to come out this year and this will definitely have people talking for a while. This was a great move for the singers especially since Lopez is in the process of finishing and releasing her next album.

This video is a great reintroduction, because her single “Same Girl” wasn’t the best way to jump back into the game.


I love this song and I know it’s going to do great. It has sex appeal, dancing, fun rhythms and a great tone. Good job guys I’m going to announce you the perfect Latin trio of 2014. I’m very proud of my people!

It’s my two Latin idols in one place and I’m not disappointed at all. Watch below and you won’t be either.


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