Glee Release “100” Songs LISTEN HERE!!!

They are finally here! From a sweet duet of “Valerie” to a sexual and burlesque remix of “Toxic” Glee is back in full force with great renditions of past favorites!

Glee creator Ryan Murphey asked fans to vote for their favorite songs to be remixed for their 100th episode.

Once again we have had a very long wait for this week’s Glee songs. While it was a very long wait, it was well worth it! I have here the first 6 songs that will appear in the two part celebration of Glee’s 100th episode.

For those of you who are new to the situation this is why you may experience some deja vu when you’re reading the songs that are being covered.

Back in January the fans of Glee were asked to vote for their top 5 favorite songs from the show. The top 10 favorite songs of the fans would then be taken, remixed and performed for this landmark event.

The “Unholy Trinity” perform a new version of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

With that being said the songs have been chosen, the episodes have been taped and we now have the audio spoilers and the promotional pictures to hold us over for the next few hours until the episode premieres.

I have to say that lately Glee had been slacking with their performances and that the episodes have certainly gone down hill, but this show is showing great promise already.

Between this great reunion of the original characters, these awesome remixes and the sexy shots of the performances there is no way that these next two episodes could be bad.

It is also rumored that Glee is going to be covering the  death of fellow Glee star Cory Monteith during these two episodes. So I’m expecting, memories, laughter, fun and of course tears.

Glee’s 100th episode is said to finally explain the death of Finn Hudson.

As for the music; it’s great. “Valerie” is upbeat and fun just as before, but this time with a nice addition of Brittany joining her former lover Santana. “Toxic” takes on a sexy twang as “The Unholy Trinity” performs in sexy red lace outfits. (This is definitely one of my favorites so far.)

“Raise You Glass” is corny, goofy and everything that is April Rhodes, “Keep Holding On” is nice, soft, sweet and gentleman like, “Defying Gravity” is an epic vocal between divas Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt. While “Happy” is fun, but a bit boring  (Probably my least favorite.)

But enough talking take a listen below and you be the judge!!! And then be sure to tune in at 7 for tonight’s 100th episode!!!!

Keep Holding On-Puc

An acoustic guitar solo that really showcases Puc’s voice and really embraces a somber feel. Could this possibly be a tribute to his fallen glee club member Finn?

Valerie-Santana ft. Brittany

This rockesque feel brings back the fun and sassy feel that Santana originally brought with this song. This time we just get to hear that on top of the soft and sweet voice that is Brittany. Brittana got a duet guys!

Defying Gravity-Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes

The three biggest divas and the three biggest voices battle it out in the biggest diva off to hit the Glee stage! With the song used in the original diva off in season 1 these singers aren’t backing down at all! But who will win this time?

Raise Your Glass-April and Will

This duet is fun, goofy and reminds us why we should miss April a bit more. She was such a fun and free spirit! It’s going to be great having her back.

Toxic-Santana, Quin, Brittany

“The Unholy Trinity” is back with yet another sexy trio. I love the new arrangement so much. I swear both times Glee has done this song they have gone above and beyond and made it better. I also think this showcases why there should have been more of this power house trio in the series!

Happy-Holly Holiday

The quirky, sexy Ms. Holiday is back! Originally showing up with a rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You” the substitute teacher is back and this time her visit doesn’t seem as interesting. To me this song wasn’t as fun as the others and it is probably one of my least favorites so far. Sorry, but you be the judge.


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