Glee Releases “New Direction Songs LISTEN HERE!

Part two of Glee’s 100 Episode extravaganza is about to air and we now have to songs to prove it. From P!nk to Eddie Murphy these songs offer emotional ballads, fun and funky dance numbers along with an old classic that falls very short of expectations.

Also if you happened to miss last week’s Glee or didn’t get a chance to listen to last week’s songs GET PART ONE OF THE 100 EPISODE”S SONG HERE!

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”- Will and April

Will and April take on "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Glee's 101th episode.
Will and April take on “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on Glee’s 101th episode.

Originally sung by Rachel, Finn, Puc and Jesse St. James “Total Eclipse of the Heart” has always been one of my guilty pleasure covers from Glee which is why I was excited to see it get a spot on this episode.  Yet it isn’t done by any of the original singers.

Instead the song is carried by April Rhodes and Will Schuester. Now when these two get together I get really happy because their duets are always amazing. Their voices just mesh so well together and are very complimentary when you hear them. They have done it before on “One Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a Home” (Still one of my favorite Glee covers ever) and “Alone.”

This song is definitely a highlight for the episode and I look forward to the context and visual of this song. Before it was complimented by a ballet dance number between Rachel and Jesse St. James, so let’s see if we get the same type of emotion. Also where is Jesse St. James I would have liked to see him back for this episode.(just a side note)

“I’m Changing”-Mercedes and Kurt

The biggest divas; Mercedes and Kurt, take on a "Dream Girls" standard.
The biggest divas; Mercedes and Kurt, take on a “Dream Girls” standard.

I mean when you compare this version to the version by Jennifer Hudson, which is the version I’m more familiar with, then it’s not that great. I was completely blown away by Hudson’s rendition of this song if the film adaptation of “Dreamgirls,” but this one kind of lacks that raw emotion that Hudson had. Yet I will say that Mercedes and Kurt do a phenomenal job together.

I mean it was a given that Mercedes’ voice was going to over power Kurt, but still they sound so good together. Also I usually don’t like Kurt’s voice, nor do I like when he sings with the big voices of the show, but I actually enjoyed his vocal job on this one. I’ll say that this was not bad and hopefully when I see it on the show my feels will change.

“Party all the Time”-Holly Holiday

Glee goes disco yet again for their 100 episodes celebration.
Glee goes disco yet again for their 100 episodes celebration.

Now this is the type of song that Holly Holiday should have been given in the first episode. I honestly feel that she should have redone “Forget You” from season 2, but I mean Glee doesn’t always make the best decisions with song choice.

In any case there is a cool funky melody put on this rendition of Eddie Murphy’s 80s hit. This version definitely sounds more disco, which is good because according to press photos this is a disco number. I enjoy this song more than Holiday’s other song “Happy from the last episode.

In any case this is the Holly we all missed and I think she does amazing in this song.

“Loser Like Me”-Blaine, Artie, Same and Tina

The graduates of Season 5 remix and slow down "Loser Like Me."
The graduates of Season 5 remix and slow down “Loser Like Me.”

Oh my gosh, I wanted to cry listening to this version of the song so bad. It really isn’t the same without Rachel and Finn singing the lead parts, but these four do a great job.

I’m going to say this must be the graduation song they chose to perform together. I think it’s very beautiful and vocally they match so well. Tina really owns those high notes and the harmonizing is so moving.

You can feel the emotion behind this song and I really hope they recognize Finn during this performance. This one might actually be hard to get through.

“Be Okay”-Santana and Rachel

Santana and Rachel sing "Be Ok."
Santana and Rachel sing “Be Ok.”

These two are singing together again? I’m so confused, but really happy. This could possibly mean that they have reconciled and that they are friends again, which would be a great thing because I really wanted this friendship to work out and blossom.

Also I’m very excited because these two work very well together when they do duets. They have proved this with “Brave,” “Every Breath You Take,” “So Emotional,” and of course “We Found Love.”

Santana and Rachel bring a fun and energetic vocals to a fun back beat, creating a very montageque feel. I think this song is actually one of the best vocals of the episode so far. Like I literally have chills listening to it. This could be their song honestly, that’s how well they own it.

I’ve never heard the original song, but I think I like this version better. Great job girls this is definitely one of my favorites!

“Just Give Me a Reason”- Quin and Puc

Quin and Puc take on a recent smash hit.
Quin and Puc take on a recent smash hit from singer Pink.

I’m not going to lie I was both skeptical and excited for this song. I mean Quin is definitely no P!nk and Puc is definitely no Nathan Ruess, yet some how it still worked. I mean I didn’t get the same feelings and connection that I had when I first heard the original song, but it isn’t that bad.

So the main problem I have with this version of this song is the bridge. These do sing it so pretty and harmonize to make it sound nice, light and fluffy.That’s not how this song was meant to be sung. Where is the raw emotion of it? This really lacked a lot and I could see a lot of fans of the song disliking this version a lot.

Quin and Puc’s voices are nice together, but maybe a different song would have worked better…also aren’t they supposed to be redoing song they already did? There are so many duets these two could have chosen from…But whatever.

“Don’t Stop Believing”-Rachel, Tina, Blaine, Kurt, Artie and Will

Glee releases yet another version of "Don't Stop Believing."
Glee releases yet another version of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

This is my least favorite rendition of this song. There are a total of four versions of this song; the original, the regional version, Rachel’s audition version and then this one and this by far is the worst version.

For one Kurt had no business singing in a lower register because it sounded so awkward for him. The only time a lower register worked for him was when he sang “Being Alive” in season 4.

Secondly if this is the 100th episode celebrating a very important part of Glee then don’t you think the original Glee club should have sang such a big song in honor of the show? And when I say original I mean the original from episode 1. So Rachel, Mercedes, Tina, Artie and Kurt.

I’m fine with Will stepping in on behalf of Finn, and because he has been there since day one, but I was confused as to where Mercedes was and why Blaine was added to the bill of singers?

This song is probably the least changed and remixed and probably one of the worst songs on the whole “Celebrating 100 Episodes” album. But it has been done and you can’t change it now. Take a listen and you be the judge. Also don’t forget to catch the second part of Glee celebrating 100 episodes, Tuesday at 7 on FOX.


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