Man Crush Monday-Aj Hernz Edition

This up and coming artist has so many things to offer the world of music. Aside from his piercing eyes and good looks AJ Hernz shows us that between his dancing and silky smooth voice he’s a force to be reckoned with.
IMG_7861edit-682x1024This upcoming star holds a special place in my musical library for a few reasons. For one I’m a sucker for a great voice and secondly he is a Texas native like me.

AJ Hernz has been recording and singing ever since the age of 17. According to his website Hernz originally had a love for poetry, but when he realized he had a bigger love for music, Hernz decided it was time to turn those poems into songs..

Since then Hernz has released 3 mixtapes, a bunch of covers and a few singles. His most recent studio effort; “Do It All” is now available for purchase on Itunes along with a music video that you can be found on VEVO.

I was first introduced to Hernz back in 2011 when I got the opportunity to see him perform for a local radio station concert, Beat Bash. Also in the line up that year was Kirko Bangz, Dev, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall and headliner Ludacris.

Now even with big name such as these AJ Hernz was the one that stood out to me the most. From the moment he walked on stage to the moment that he left he had the crowd electrified with energy. His dancing was on point and his voice was hypnotizing.

I think what really made me interested in Hernz was that after the concert I discovered he was a Texas native who was following his dream after years and years of work. As an aspiring performer myself, I was really attached and inspired by this story.

Aside from that he was really talented. I remember there were three songs that really caught my attention; his then hit “Snapback Swag,” his cover version of Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You” and his original single “All Night Long.”

All Night Long

With each performance he commanded the stage and demanded your attention. He was high energy and you couldn’t help but be enraptured by his voice, dancing and stage presence.

After the concert I began to follow his career and really fell in love with his music. He was an artist among artists; and while there were many elements of his that were already being showcased in the world, Hernz brought a new twist to them.

Aj+Hernz++2013I’m not going to lie I fell off as a fan until very recently. I saw a friend post on Facebook that she saw Hernz perform and I began to think; I wonder what happened to him.

Well I then discovered his recent singles and music and noticed a crazy, good, change. While there wasn’t ever anything missing before; I felt something new was being revealed and I liked it.

Sticking to his R&B and Hip-Hop roots, Hernz brings back a sex appeal and nice back beats to dance to. yet I found a new sense of maturity and identity to his music as well.

It was something I couldn’t explain but it worked. It was different and I liked it a lot. To show what I mean here is his newest remix of “Bad” featuring the ever so beautiful Paula DeAnda.

Bad (Remix) Ft: Paula DeAnda

download (2)He can dance, he can sing, he is just amazing. I give my full recommendation and if you enjoy artist like Chris Brown, Drake, Enrique Iglesias and Frankie J. then you need to also have AJ Hernz on your music playlist.

His newest single along with his previous mix tapes featuring the sexually charged “All Night Long,”  the club banging “Snapback Swag” and “Romance” can all be found on Itunes.

I really hope that an official studio album is in the works because this dude needs to be heard by everyone in my opinion. I think he could have a great career. He’s music is fresh and relevant to the times. He is seriously the whole package. Looks, voice, dancing; I mean you could really sell him as an artist.

While I don’t know if there an official album to come in the future, we do have his newest single “Do it All.”

Do It All


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