RIP: Selena, 19 Years Later…

Today marks the 19 year anniversary of the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla’s, death.  Throughout my life she has remained an inspiration and a spiritual mentor. She was loving, beautiful, immensely talented and is forever a legend. Today we celebrate her by looking at some of her best songs.

Selena Quintanilla Perez.
Selena Quintanilla Perez.

Ever since she was a little girl Selena was filling the world with her beautiful smile and beautiful voice. Starting out as a band with her brother A.B, sister Suzette, and cousins, Selena later became one of Tejano music’s most legendary acts.

Throughout her career Selena released many songs and has touched the lives of many people. Inspiring artist such as Jennifer Pena, Jennifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez,  Selena continues to be a big part of the music world.

In honor of her 19 year anniversary I will share with you the top 5 favorite songs from her discography. While it was very hard for me to choose just 5, I narrowed it down to the ones that I can’t get enough of.

In each of these songs Selena shows why everyone falls in love with her. Her emotion, amazing range, the passion of the song itself and the way she can just command your attention.

Selena is a true rarity and not every generation is lucky to have such a great artist. We love and miss you Selena, may you forever rest in peace.

“No Me Queda Mas”

Si Una Vez”

“La Llamada”

“Donde Quiera Que Estas”

“Contigo Quiero Estas”

And of course you can’t pay tribute to Selena without:

“Dreaming of You”

and of course…

“Como La Flor”


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