Cassie Steele Releases New Single “Mad”

Actress/Singer Cassie Steele released her newest single “Mad.” Better known for her role as Manny Santos on the popular teen drama “Degrassi,” Steele, offers up an edgy and sexy new song that shows those days are far behind her.

Cassie Steele releases new single "Mad."
Cassie Steele releases new single “Mad.”

Cassie Steele graced the music world with a new and intense song entitled “Mad.” A pop song mixed with an intense rock edge and soulful vocals.

You may recognize the beautiful songstress as Manny Santos from The-N’s teen drama “Degrassi.” For 9 seasons this beauty offered up a character who had big dreams of stardom. In fact Steele even sang a few times while on the show.

Then in 2005, while still on Degrassi, Steele released her first of two albums, “How Much for Happy,” then Steele released her second album “Destructo Doll.”

While I hadn’t heard any of Steele’s music before I will have to say that this new song is a sure fire hit. When I first heard this song I immediately started to think of artist like Demi Lovato, HAIM, and even Jessica Sanchez.

There is so much soul, emotion and rawness within the lyrics, beat, and vocals.

What I really enjoy about this song is that Steele demands your attention right from the start of the song with her beautiful falsetto. I seriously was taken a back when I heard the start of this song. I was seriously sold and loving it right from the start.

The lyric video for "Mad" is sexy and in Black & White.
The lyric video for “Mad” is sexy and in Black & White.

As the song continues it only gets better. The song starts off soft and sweet and then turns into this edgy, sexy, alternative beat on top of beautiful vocals. Steele possess these raw and passion vocals that really drive the song with great substance and intensity.

Then you have the lyrics;

“Do you feel higher as a liar. Feel the need and the greed. Do you dabble in the fire, when the devil is asleep?”

This was some deep and far out there lyrics. I was a bit confused and yet very seduced. It must be all in the delivery because Steele sings in such a raw and seductive way that you can’t help but just feel sexy and bad ass as you listen.

And of course there is the chorus;

“Angry baby, turned into a crazy child who got wild in her teens. Angry lady, still be misbehaving, you’re brain sick just like me. You know I’m mad.”

Cassie Steele from Degrassi releases new music.
Cassie Steele from Degrassi releases new music.

This song is so powerful in ways that I can’t even possibly understand.

Throughout the song Steele shows off the many aspects and colors of her voice and each one is better than the other. Those sweet and perfectly hit high notes, the seductive and sexy lower notes, the sweet and edgy belts and her soulful runs. Seriously GOOSEBUMPS.

I’m not quite sure if this is the lead single off of an upcoming album, but I surely hope so. I feel like this song is the perfect type of song to come out at this time. It’s relevant, fresh, intense and very fun to listen to.

The song is available for download on Itunes and I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and buy it now! If you need more convincing just take a look at the sexy lyric video below.




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