Woman Crush Wednesday-Demi Lovato Edition

It’s been two weeks since I saw Demi Lovato live and I still can’t get her off repeat. She’s beautiful, immensely talented, and one hell of a performer. Which is why today I celebrate Demi as my Woman Crush Wednesday.

Demi Lovato as Angela on Barney and Friends.
Demi Lovato started out as Angela on Barney and Friends.

Since 2008 Demi Lovato has captured the hearts of many with her beautiful-powerhouse voice. Since her start Lovato has released four studio albums. Her beauty and voice are far beyond compare and this woman is seriously one of the biggest talents to come out of Disney since Christina Aguilera.

Before her big name fame, Lovato started out singing and dancing on a popular children’s series Barney and Friends. Following her 2 year run on the children’s series Lovato made appearances on various shows such as Prison Break, As the Bell Rings, and Just Jordan. 

Demi Lovato posing in 2008 for her album art.

Yet it wasn’t until she landed the role as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock that Lovato began to gain notoriety. Her voice captured the screen and her raw emotion and effortless talented revealed one thing. Lovato was a force to be reckoned with.

Following the success of Camp Rock Lovato released her debut album Don’t Forget, that she had been working on since 2007. The album had a rockesque vibe filled with electric guitars, hard hitting drums and of course those perfect belts that Lovato is known for.

The album spun out two singles. “La La Land” and “Get back.” Yet the song that really sticks out to me is the title track “Don’t Forget.” This song showcases a few things to me. The raw emotion in Lovato’s voice, the great vocal control that Lovato possess and her great writing ability.

Lyrically this song is very powerful and I can really relate to it. Which, in itself, is another reason why I love this woman. Her songs are real, raw and very relatable.

“Don’t Forget”-Demi Lovato

Lovato as Mitchie Torres on Camp Rock.
Lovato as Mitchie Torres on Camp Rock.

The album did very well for Lovato, reaching number 2 on the Billboard 200 and gaining Lovato worldwide exposure to a new fan base.

The thing about Lovato is that her music has always been mature beyond her actual fan base and she has always been real and honest. Which is why so many people love her.

As a follow up to her debut album Lovato released her sophomore album Here We Go Again. Now this was when I first began to think that Lovato could possibly be an artist I could get into.

The songs on this album followed the same elements as its predecessor, but with a bit more variety. This album, however, reminded me a lot of what Kelly Clarkson was doing at the time.

Demi Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards.
Lovato at the Teen Choice Awards.

For me, Here We Go Again again was just as powerful and brilliant as Clarkson’s Breakaway album.

A lot of artist have trouble following up their first hit, but I believe Lovato just continued to get better and better with time. On this album I feel like she really owned her voice and decided that it was time to try some new things.

The song that really sticks out to me on this album was “Catch Me.” It’s controlled, beautiful, and leaves you wanting more. Lovato does a great job of holding the suspense of the song right up until the last minute.

Lyrically, this is still one of the most relatable Demi Lovato songs ever. The first time I heard this song was at her most recent show in St. Louis and I literally teared up, because of how powerful this song is.

“Catch Me”-Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato on set for her "Here We Go Again" Photoshoot.
Lovato on set for her “Here We Go Again” Photoshoot.

That brings us to the most recent Demi Lovato.

in 2011 Lovato released her third studio album, Unbroken, and this one was a bit different from her two previous studio efforts. For starters the music and direction of the album was definitely more pop driven.

Secondly the sound of each song evolved into a more upbeat, and dance feel. Demi collaborated with many of pop music’s biggest names for Unbroken. Artist such as Iyaz, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Dev, and Jason Derulo.

I actually really enjoyed Unbroken. I feel like the album is fun and enjoyable to listen to every time. From the opening song “All Night Long” until the last note of “My Love is a Star” every minute offers you something new and enjoyable.

Lovato at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Lovato at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The most known hits from this album are “Skyscrapper” and “Give Your Heart a Break.” While I really enjoyed these songs I felt that there were so many more songs that got snubbed for the single treatment.

This album was full of potential hits and I wish I would have had more singles. It offers up some fun dance songs, some sexual sass and of course that raw emotion that we fell in love with.

For example, I love the song “Lightweight.” The song is beautiful! This song alone touched my heart more than any song I heard during this time. It had honest lyrics, great artistic choices (as far as vocals go) and really sealed my love for Demi Lovato.

Unbroken really opened a new element of Lovato that her fans had yet to see. There was more variety and her vocal range was really shown off through each song.

“Lightweight”-Demi Lovato

Lovato can be found at the judging table on the US version of The X Factor.

Finally in 2013 Lovato released her most recent album Demi. This album was definitely more powerful and offered yet another side of Lovato.

This album is probably the most pop influenced of all four albums. Yet even though there are more dance and commercial hits available on this record, I believe, some of the deepest songs and rawest lyrics can be found on this track list.

The maturity that is displayed in Demi is one that can not be managed. The album took on a life of its own and showed a growth in Lovato that was remarkable.

When the first single of the album “Heart Attack” came out I was expecting big things from the new album. The song took us back to Lovato’s rock roots while still providing the new pop princess that I  was enjoying.

Throughout the album you get a sense of realness that is sometimes lacking through other artist’s music. You can tell that each some means something different to Lovato and I never feel like I’m being bored nor am I wasting my time from listening to the album.

While this album does offer up some of my favorite Demi Lovato songs, such as; “Two Pieces,” “Without the Love,” “Nightingale,” and “Really Don’t Care,” the song that proves the point that I’m making about this album is “In Case.”

Honestly if you want to sum up the idea of this album and ho it will make you feel, this song is the song to show off. It has passion, realness, heart, raw emotion and intense and moving vocals. From the high notes, the soft tones and even the big belts every component of this song is PERFECTION!

So instead of making the song stale and overselling it I’ll let you be the judge.

“In Case”-Demi Lovato

Lovato plays Dani on FOX’s hit series Glee.

While I could go on and on forever about this woman, I won’t. I will end by saying a last few things.

Demi Lovato is probably the most down to earth and the realest celebrity that I’ve heard in a long time. Judgement and ridicule does not stop her from being honest and open with her fans, nor does it stop her from being herself.

She is also beyond talented. Her voice is definitely something different, sweet, unique and rare. You can’t just discover a powerful voice like that over night. She is one of those few rare gems that we sometimes get lucky to find.

Lovato can no be found as at the judging table of the US version of The X-Factor, or portraying Dani on FOX’s Glee. 

In any case you need to make an effort to really discover this woman and see the bigger and better parts that are Demi Lovato. Here’s one last thing to leave you with.

“Without the Love”-Demi Lovato

“Here We Go Again”-Demi Lovato


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  1. I love Demi lovato I love when you on tv love love your videos this is Reginald Jones I am a running back from university of Houston. I am going to go to the NFL. I grade from cy ridge high school and I all so want to cy creek high school I grade 2014

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