Glee Releases Songs From “Bash” Listen Here

A Broadway heavy set list along with a cast member original song fill this week’s episode of Glee. Mercedes is back and she has a very special treat for Gleeks everywhere!

This week Glee takes on the topic of gay bashing.
This week Glee takes on the topic of gay bashing.

This week’s episode of Glee takes on a very serious topic; gay bashing. It was rumored a while back that Kurt would fall victim to the hate crime in New York.

With this topic being so heavy you can bet one some big ballads being brought to life by these characters. On a brighter side though, Mercedes is back on Glee!

Not only is she back with her great big voice to cover some big ballads she has one of her own. Amber Riley’s debut single “Color Blind” is being featured on this week’s episode and it’s very beautiful!

“Colour Blind”-Mercedes

Amber Riley released her new song on The Queen Latifah Show.
Amber Riley released her new song on The Queen Latifah Show.

“Colour Bind” is Amber Riley’s debut single and one of the most beautiful songs to come out of this episode. Between the raw emotion and those big notes that we love so much this soulful ballad is a sure fire hit for the Glee star.

Riley told Queen Latifah, on her live show, that the song was written by the amazing Emeli Sande and Claude Kelly. These two are some of my favorite writers in the game and I think it was very smart for Riley to partner up with them.

Between the passion and feelings that both Sande and Kelly can pull out of a song, and Riley’s powerhouse voice and presence during a song there is no way that this performance won’t be emotional. Especially given the circumstances.

Riley's debut single "Color Blind" will be featured in this week's Glee.
Riley’s debut single “Color Blind” will be featured in this week’s Glee.

This is the second time that a Glee star has performed their own song on the show. In season two as part of their New York episode, Matthew Morrison (aka Will Shuster) performed his own song “Still Got Tonight.”

While I’m behind the idea of promoting your own music on Glee, I kind of wish that this song would have not been associated with the show and given the full single treatment.

The song will be available for download on Itunes as of April 8th, but that’s when the rest of the songs will also be available. So basically you aren’t buying the single, I mean you could, but the song is gonna be associated with Glee and not Riley.

In any case this is just the starter for Riley. There is an album in the works and with this as the opening single to the project, I am very excited to hear the rest of her material. Take a listen to the beautiful song below.

“You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)”-Mercedes

Well like I said before, Mercedes is back. And she doesn’t just get one solo, no she gets two! Now there have been many times where I disagreed with the song choices for the characters, but pairing Mercedes with an Aretha Franklin song is never a mistake.

Mercedes brings her sass and powerhouse belts to an Aretha classic. Can I just say that Mercedes has one of the most soulful and powerful and moving voices of the entire cast? Like she gives me goosebumps with both of her songs.

She has the sweet high notes to lull your body, those belts to move you, and the passion to demand a song. It comes so effortlessly to her and no song ever feels too big for her. Mercedes definitely made a remarkable come back.

“Broadway Baby”-Blaine and Rachel

Rachel and Blaine duet on an upbeat Broadway classic.
Rachel and Blaine duet on an upbeat Broadway classic.

This episode is very Broadway heavy and this is just one of the many theatrical performances of this episode. In all reality I have a feeling that this is the direction that the show is going to go in, since they are in just New York now.

I will say that this duet works very well. I think Blaine and Rachel’s voice compliment each other very well and they sound like they had a lot of fun performing the song. It is full of energy and really fun to listen to.

What I really enjoyed about this song was the moments when they belted together. It’s just a pleasant surprise and treat for the ear. I see a very elaborate performance for this song and I’m very excited. I expect Flashy costumes, and back up dancers!

“No One is Alone”-Rachel, Blaine, Kurt and Sam

Now vocally this song is very pleasing and very well done, yet I feel like this is one of those songs that I’m going to have to see the performance to determine if I really like it or not.

I just think that this song loses momentum and doesn’t really lend for an enjoyable performance. All four of their voices do a great job of harmonizing and caring the tempo of the song, it just didn’t feel as fun or emotionally moving as the previous songs.

Another death on Glee?
Another death on Glee?

“Not While I’m Around”-Blaine, Rachel, Sam, & Mercedes

This is one of my favorite songs on the set list. While it isn’t the most upbeat song, I love the way it’s arranged and the emotion and feeling of this song. Knowing the context of the song really makes it more powerful.

I can already tell that this is the New York gang singing to Kurt and that makes for a more emotional reaction to the song. I love the variety in voices and tones. I think they all blend very well together and this song is very enjoyable. It isn’t crazy and full of runs and belts and big beats, but it brings a passion and it feels great to listen to.

You can hear the emotion and the love and I really enjoyed hearing this song. Good job cast. (The only question I have is where is Artie?)

“I’m Still Here”-Kurt

Kurt falls victim to gay bashing this week on Glee.
Kurt falls victim to gay bashing this week on Glee.

And of course whenever something goes wrong in Glee there is always that uplifting, “I’m rising above it” inspirational number. And it’s very suiting that this song comes from Kurt.

Now I’m not sure of the order of the songs so I’m not sure if this song is at the end of the episode, but I kind of have a problem with it if is.

Gay bashing is a very serious issue and I’m glad that Glee is taking on this topic, yet I’m not sure if having “I’m Still Here” on this episode is the most appropriate.

I feel that it’s too upbeat and positive to happen in the same time frame as the actual bashing. Now according to the press release photos of the episode it looks like there is going to be a death.

Now with that and Kurt being bashed I don’t know if he’d be able to get over the situation that fast to actually perform such a song as this. Maybe this could have worked at the beginning of next week, but as of now it seems unnatural.

I guess I will just have to stay tuned and see how it’s placed and in what context it gets put in. As far as the song itself, of course Kurt kills it. While he isn’t my favorite voice, he always knows how to own and sell a song as his own.

He has emotion, presence and great power behind every note. Kurt is truly a performer.



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