Glee Releases “Opening Night” Songs (Listen Here!)

From Broadway to 90’s pop, this week’s Glee is full of songs to leave you dancing and full of goosebumps. With Rachel (Lea Michele) taking on most of the songs, there is one surprise! Another Will and Sue duet!!!

Rachel Berry opens as Fanny Brice on this weeks Glee.
Rachel Berry opens as Fanny Brice on this weeks Glee.

Tuesday is opening night for Rachel’s debut as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, so we can expect to hear some songs from the iconic Broadway musical. But there are also many other treats in store for Gleeks this week.

With Rachel debuting on Broadway of course we can expect to see many of our old, yet familiar, faces. When watching the promo for next week I spotted Santana, Tina, Will and Sue all in the big apple to show their support.

This week the gang tackles a 90’s pop hit, some Broadway standards and a recent single by Swedish trio NONONO that involves a lot of whistling.

“Lovefool”-Rachel Berry

While I do enjoy this song, and always have, I’m not sure if there is anything special — or that stands out to me — when I listen to this version of the song. Honestly I find it hard to see anything that really sets this version of the song apart from the original.

I know that Rachel has a big voice and can do any song the producers throw at her — and I also realize that she doesn’t always have to be belting and doing big songs — but this song doesn’t really offer anything surprising or fresh.

Yet I do enjoy listening to it and I’m sure this is going to be a great performance, at least I hope it is. What this song reminded me of instantly was when Rachel performed “Crush” back in season 1.

“I’m the Greatest Star”-Rachel Berry

I already blogged about this song when it was first leaked. So instead of being redundant check out my review of it here!

“NYC”-Will and Sue

Sue and Will perform "NYC" from Annie.
Sue and Will perform “NYC” from Annie.

I was completely shocked to hear Sue attempting such high notes from the start of the song, and it wasn’t a good shock. You can hear a tentativeness to voice when she sings them — which leaves us a bit empty when we hear them — but it wasn’t that bad.

Sue isn’t really known for her vocals, nor does she try to be known for her singing on the song. She definitely does have an alright voice and is great for character singing, but not for belting and high notes.

In any case, there is tons of energy in this song and from the stills it’s going to be a very Broadwayesque performance. I’m actually intrigued to see what is to come for this number.

“Who Are You Now”-Rachel and Sue

So I’m not okay with this duet at all. Honestly they should have let Rachel carry the song on her own, because she would have done fine without Sue.

Honestly Sue’s harmonize are too subtle for there to truly be an effect on the song’s outcome. Yet it doesn’t hurt to listen to this rendition of the song. Any time I get to hear Rachel belt out a Broadway standard it makes my heart and ears very happy.

I’m just not sure how I feel about Sue getting so much song time. I mean isn’t Santana coming back to New York for this episode? I feel like she would have been a better fit for a Funny Girl duet.

“Pumpin Blood”- Rachel, Mercedes and Santana

So literally the other day I was wondering why these three hadn’t gotten a song together yet. In all honesty the three best — and most powerful — voices of the show are these three women.

Each have such a great range, captivating stage presence and raw emotions and connection every time they sing, so the fact that they didn’t power up and take the choir room by storm from season 1-3 is beyond me.

But anyways, this song is fun, upbeat and has a nice flow of energy that drives you to enjoy the listen all the way through. I can hear a sense of sass and attitude behind Rachel’s voice which leaves for a nice tone and mood for the listener.

While this song is credited to these three ladies, it’s hard to tell their parts from each other. Rachel definitely over powers the vocals — as well as this entire set list.


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