Glee Releases “The Back Up Plan” Songs (Listen Here)

It’s looks like Gleeks were given a surprise. While it normally takes a couple of days before we get new music from Glee, the songs for “The Back-Up Plan” were released just one day after last week’s episode, and these songs are big!

Rachel Berry gets two powerful and heart breaking solos in this week's Glee episode, "The Back-Up Plan."
Rachel Berry gets two powerful and heart breaking solos in this week’s Glee episode, “The Back-Up Plan.”

The songs for the upcoming Glee episode, “The Back-up Plan” have been released. From pop to hard rock to power ballads to a rap icon this set list has it all.

There is, once again, a Rachel heavy set list that features 2  solos by the leading lady and some very memorable duets between Kurt and Blaine, Mercedes and Santana and Blaine and a very special guest.

This week’s song choices are filled with emotion, spunk, energy and that special something that makes a listener want more. In my, very bias, opinion this has to be THE BEST set list for a season 5 episode.

“Wake Me Up”- Rachel Berry

This acoustic version of Avicci is very beautifully done. I think that it’s great that we got to get a toned down version of this dance track. It allows the listener to not only hear the lyrics, but it brings a whole new feel and attitude to the song.

As far as the singer, well Rachel has always been able to provide such amazing and emotionally charged vocals, and it is no difference in this cover.

I don’t know what it is, but there is something especially powerful about Rachel’s delivery in this song and it allows for a great connection between the emotion, the lyrics, the singer and the listener.

I think the song just progressively gets better as it goes on, especially when the back ground choir and symphony jump in and join the guitar and Rachel’s beautiful voice. Love it!

“Doo Wop (That Thing)”- Mercedes and Santana

Mercedes and Santana take on a Lauren Hill classic.
Mercedes and Santana take on a Lauren Hill classic.

You have no clue how happy that this has happened. There are many reason why this song is going to become my favorite song of season 5.

For one, Lauren Hill is remarkable and her music is just amazing and this song is great proof of this argument. Her hooks were catchy, her lyrics were meaningful and powerful and her voice and diversity was one of the many elements that made her, as an artist, rise to the top.

Another reason behind me loving this is because this song is another Mercedes and Santana duet. Every time these two get together we get some great performances. Just look at their previous covers together; “River Deep, Mountain High,” “Rumor Has it/Someone Like You,” “The Boy is Mine” and the list goes on and on.

Between Santana’s smooth rapping skills and sweet high notes, along with her lower tone and natural rasp, and Mercedes sweet and powerful, yet controlled, voice there is no doubt a listener will have an enjoyable time while playing this song.

I loved the video to this song, so I expect great things from this performance on the show.

“Story of My Life”-Kurt, Blaine

Klaine duet to a One Direction hit.
Klaine duet to a One Direction hit.

While I don’t like One Direction I do enjoy this song. I feel like this song has a very relatable message and carry a very powerful tone, it’s a greatly written song. I also like the vocal arrangement. (Now if only One Direction could perform it an deliver it in a way that allowed us to see this.)

But that’s not the point. This is another Klaine duet, yet there is a very melancholy feel between their voices. I’m not quite sure if this is the case, but it does sound like these guys are singing from hurt.

As far as their performance goes, it’s great. I actually like that Blaine that’s a bigger lead in this song, and I like that Kurt showcases the lower part of his register. (In a way that benefits both the song and the listener.)

This song was made for Blaine’s voice and Kurt provides a new element to it that makes it a different and enjoyable listen. This was a great job and I’m very curious to see what’s going to happen to Klaine’s story line that brings a need for such a saddening song.

“Piece of My Heart”-Blaine and June Holloway

Shirley MacLaine guest stars in the newest Glee episode, "The Back-Up Plan."
Shirley MacLaine guest stars in the newest Glee episode, “The Back-Up Plan.”

This very big rock songs has to be one of my favorite songs about heartbreak ever! This song is a true classic in my heart and I hold it to high standards. When I go to listen to this song I expect a few things; big voices, big personalities (mainly sass) and raw (epic) emotions in their delivery.

While this performance does lack a few of those elements, I found myself able to forgive them because of the arrangement and delivery I did get. For one the song is a duet between  Blaine and June Holloway, a new character for this episode, (played by the iconic Shirley MacLaine.)

Then secondly the song is given the proper treatment. You can hear the emotion, you can hear the sass and even though they don’t belt out those big notes that Janis Joplin does, they do a great job and making the song their own. This is definitely a high light of the set list.

“The Rose”-Rachel Berry

Rachel will sing "The Rose" in this week's Glee episode, "The Back-Up Plan."
Rachel will sing “The Rose” in this week’s Glee episode, “The Back-Up Plan.”

I should have known when I saw the song that this was going to be sung with or by Rachel. This song is so big and infamous that there is no way Rachel wasn’t going to get her hands on this one.

Once again we get great emotion, powerful delivery and a great vocal performance on this cover of the song. I seriously found many spots and moments where I got chills because of her vocal choices.

Lea Michele (Rachel) has such great instincts and can always pull that special something out of a song. I have heard many renditions of this song and this, by far, has to be my favorite.

I will say this, however, I think this song could have definitely been a powerhouse and even better had they made this a trio between Santana, Rachel and Mercedes. All three of them have the chops to pull of the song and it could have been something even more special.

In any case this song is the high light of the entire set list, in my opinion, and I look forward to this week’s episode very much now.


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