Glee Releases “Old Dogs, New Tricks” Songs (LISTEN HERE!)

A new week means a new Glee. While last week’s episode — “The Back-Up Plan” — offered huge belts, epic moments and sassy and unforgettable duets, this week’s episode — “Old Dogs, New Tricks” — leaves us wondering…but why? Take a listen.

“I Melt with You”-Rachel Berry, Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones

I think the main reason I can’t fully enjoy this song is because of how odd the pairing is. I think all three of these singers have great voices and can do almost anything. I don’t think there is a great match between the song and the vocalists. It is a bit weird and the momentum was hard to pick up on.

You could tell this type of song wasn’t fit or made for Rachel and Mercedes. It works well for Sam, but I think that it was just too out of the element of Rachel and Mercedes, which made it hard to listen to and enjoy.

“Memory”-Kurt Hummel and Maggie Banks

I’m not quite sure who Maggie Banks is, but I think it is long over do that Glee does a song from Cats. Actually I’m surprised that it took this long and Rachel didn’t cover this song. I definitely could see Rachel singing this song.

In any case, I think this song worked perfectly for Kurt. It’s in his range — even though it does sound a bit weird in a few parts — and when the choir jumps in, it just makes it sweeter. I think it’s well performed, but I don’t think  it’s one of the best songs from the set list.

If anything it is just okay…

“Werewolves in London”-Sam Evans and Artie Abrams

Artie has been gone for a while now, but he is back to sing a fun, up-beat duet with Sam Evans. I think this song is definitely a good fit for the two gentlemen, but there isn’t anything exciting from their performance.

I have never heard this song, and while I think it’s a fun and great song for the time period it was released, I don’t think it will go over well with the demographic of Glee.

There is nothing that really wows a listener and it’s just another boring and unoriginal song. It literally sounds like a performance you’d hear at a karaoke bar. Nothing too interesting.

“Lucky Star”-Kurt Hummel and Maggie Banks

Well this Maggie character is surely getting more studio time in one episode than most of the reoccuring cast members. I should have known that with Chris Colfer writing this episode, the song list wasn’t going to be too interesting.

Once again this song leaves nothing to “wow” the listener and is another alright vocal performance by Kurt. I really don’t have much to say about this song, because there isn’t much to critique, because there is nothing different in this performance.

“Take Me Home Tonight”-Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Artie Abrams, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Mercedes Jones, Sam Evans and Maggie Banks

A group number? I haven’t seen one of these in a while, and I haven’t seen a great group number in an even longer time. With that being said I don’t see this performance being too spectacular. The song is catchy and it’s always kind of been a guilty pleasure of mine, yet I don’t see anything especially different in this version.

It is nice to hear all of our favorite songs together again. We get a lot of Klaine in this song and even the infamous Mercedes belts and ad libs. The song features a very New Yorkesque feel though and I think that this has the potential to be great. I guess we will see

This by far is one of the worst set list of the season. I thought that The Beatles tribute was bad, but these songs are so much worse. There is never a moment — in any of the songs — that offer a great variety or an interesting feel.

I see the theme of songs that were chosen, but I also see a theme of vocal performance and they are all just alright. This episode literally feels like a bad night at a karaoke bar on 80’s night.

In any case what do you think about the performances this week?


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