Glee Releases “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project” Songs (LISTEN HERE!)

It’s the season 5 finale and it’s time to find out what the unexpected plot twist is that Ryan Murphy keeps talking about. While there is still a few days to wait until the episode to find out, you don’t have to wait much longer to hear the emotional and dancing inducing numbers of the highly anticipated finale.

“Shakin’ My Head”-Mercedes Jones and Brittany S. Pears

Mercedes gets another original song on Glee finale.
Mercedes gets another original song on Glee finale.

I want to start by stating my disappoint with this song. The reason isn’t because of the song itself, but because I have this feeling that this was supposed to be the duet that both Santana and Mercedes were supposed to record. Instead we have this song credited to Mercedes and Brittany.

Now I will say that it’s hard to point out exactly where Brittany is in this song. Mercedes blows this song away with belts and notes too big for Brittany to keep up with. Since season 1 we knew that Brittany wasn’t a huge vocalist, while she could carry a tune, it was never a match for Mercedes’ huge voice. Which is why its weird that this is carried out this performance.

As for the message of the song, I love it. It’s very powerful and covers a lot of controversial issues in today’s society — racism, gender inequality, image and weight problems. The song has a powerful feeling with a very powerful voice.

It’s nice to listen to, but looks like it’s gonna be a great song to dance to. I can’t wait to watch this performance and I really hope it’s not a let down. I want big choreography and tons of dancers! This song deserves it all!

“No Time At All”-Blaine Anderson and June Holloway

Shirley MacLaine returns for the season 5 finale of Glee.
Shirley MacLaine returns for the season 5 finale of Glee.

The song is a cute little duet between Blaine and his newest companion June Holloway. This song is very childish. It is something that I would expect to see on a Seasame Street episode or maybe even sung with The Muppets.

With that being said songs like this tend to annoy me, it’s just too happy and cabaret. While I think they do a great job vocally, I don’t think there is anything special that is going to make us remember this song out of the others that we have in store for the rest of the episode.

In any case they do a great job and I actually like this new vocal match of Blaine and June. They did an awesome job with “Piece of My Heart” in “The Back-Up Plan” and once again they did a great job performing a rather corny song.

“Girls on Film”-Sam Evans

Sam poses in front of Paramount's studio.
Sam poses in front of Paramount’s studio.

You know they have been giving Sam some really bad songs this season. I have yet to recall one truly memorable Sam moment this season and it’s very hard for me to choose one, and this song is no exception.

The song matches Sam’s personality very well and when I heard this song I immediately imagined either a fashion show or Sam at a photo shoot. But there have been no indications by the promo or any stills that this is a true statement, so who knows.

But there are sounds of cameras at the beginning of the song.

In any case the song is an 80’s pop hit. To me Duran Duran — the original artist of the song — was great for their time, but not so much in the modern world. It doesn’t really work. Yet Sam does what he can with it and makes a pretty good rendition of the song.

“Glitter in the Air”-Rachel Berry

Rachel experiences a big change in the finale of season 5.
Rachel experiences a big change in the finale of season 5.

The one thing I can say that I truly love about Rachel’s voice is how powerful and emotional it is. No matter what song she is singing you can truly feel the emotions that she is trying to evoke — and this song is just one example of that.

From the first note you can truly feel Rachel as she sings this beautifully constructed P!nk song. Rachel offers her usual tension and great control as she goes from subtle lower tones, to belts and higher tones.

If you enjoyed Rachel’s performances of “The Rose” and “Wake Me Up” in Glee’s episode entitled “The Back-Up Plan” that you will definitely enjoy this song.

We all know Rachel has a great voice and can carry out any ballad she wants, which is why after a while this gets boring. I want more diversity in Rachel’s voice and hopefully we will get some of that in their finally season.

But great song, great vocals, great job.

“All of Me”-Blaine Anderson

Blaine emotionally sings "All of Me" to Kurt in season 5 finale.
Blaine emotionally sings “All of Me” to Kurt in season 5 finale.

I love this song and the emotion and intensity in this song is at a high level of expectations because John Legend does a great job at delivery this song.

I will say that I am glad that — of all the men still left in the show — Blaine got this song. In my bias opinion I think he is the only male cast member with a big enough voice and range to successfully carry this song out.

And he does not disappoint. Literally from the first line all the way to the end I had chills listening to this song. The emotion is so raw and the voice is so powerful. There are things that I’m hearing in this song that I have never heard in any other Blaine performance.

I don’t know what it is, but this song really pulls out somethings special from Blaine. It’s different, it’s emotional and it’s very moving. Blaine does a great job with this song and you are just enraptured by the beauty of it all. I foresee tears during this performance of the show.

“American Boy”-Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

Klaine to have a rocky path on season 5 finale.
Klaine to have a rocky path on season 5 finale.

I am a bit confused as to why Kurt and Blaine are singing this song. I have a feeling that this is going to be a song that has no context to it. As in there is no reason for them to sing — nor is there relation to the story line — they are just singing this song.

In any case it is still a weird song for these two to be singing. It feels a bit awkward since I really do like this song, and especially since this song is a duet between Estelle and Kanye West — two artist you can’t compare to Kurt and Blaine because their styles are so different.

I just think  this song is a bit weird and I see no reason for it, but I mean it is what it is. It’s not that good and definitely not going to be the song that you remember when the episode is over.

“Pompeii”-Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans, Artie Abrams, Mercedes Jones, and Brittany S. Pears

The cast of Glee perform "Pompeii" on the streets of New York.
The cast of Glee perform “Pompeii” on the streets of New York.

Remember in my last post about Glee how I talked about the group numbers? Well I will say that this song proves me wrong. I thought that the great group numbers of Glee were a thing of the past, but this proves me wrong.

The vocals are greatly matched and fully of energy which carries the song to a new level. With this cast singing the song it feels like we are back in season 2 with a great sectionals, regional or nationals number. If you actually take a moment to notice the people singing it this is the cast we love.

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that Santana is not there and it is very evident that her presence is lacking. To me this song feels like the final farewell to the crazy season that was season 5, and Santana should have been there to celebrate this moment.

Glee season 5 finale is Tuesday May 13th on FOX.
Glee season 5 finale is Tuesday May 13th on FOX.

It was nice to hear Brittany’s voice contributing to a group number again, but it still wasn’t the same without my Santana. Maybe I’m just at a loss because Santana is my favorite, but I feel she could have done so much with this song.

In any case I do enjoy this group number and listening to it reminded me of Glee’s glory days and it made me love it even more! Great job guys and I am hoping for high energy and I really hope there is real and great choreography. You can’t do a dance number like this and bring Brittany back without some great dancing.

This is going to be the last song, I can already feel it and I think this is a great way to end the season.


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