Lea Michele’s “On My Way” Music Video (Watch Here!)

Goodbye sweet Rachel Berry and hello sexy Lea Michele.  For her follow up single and music video the Glee star was no stranger to sexy. From splashing around in a see through top in a bath tub, to countless sexy — and revealing — bathing suits, this video is a drastic change from Michele’s first video “Cannonball.”

Lea Michele gets sexy for new video.
Lea Michele gets sexy for new video.

Lea Michele released her second music video off her debut album — “Louder” — this morning on Good Morning America. After watching the video there is only one way to express my reaction…DAMN!

Michele strips away the good girl image of Rachel Berry and brings out a new and sexier side to her musical career. Sporting short shorts, sexy bathing suits and a cut-off white tee, Michele was not going for innocent and inspirational as she did in her video for “Cannonball.”

The video takes place in at an outdoor motel with a pool, a motel room, a desert and even a bath tub. Throughout the video you see Michele in a variety of sexy outfits, splashing around a tub, grinding on a door, rollling around in a bed, or enjoying time with her “friends.”

What I like about this video is that it shows a more positive and youthful side to Michele’s music and appearance. After the tragic death of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith, the album’s buzz was mainly circulated around the fact that some of the songs on the album were for him.

Lea Michele premiered "On My Way" this morning on GMA.
Lea Michele premiered “On My Way” this morning on GMA.

Now we’re getting a more fun and positive side of what else in on the album. Along with that Michele really embraced her sexuality and showed that she can be just as sexy as our Rihannas, Beyonces and yes, even Naya Riveras.

The song itself is fun to listen too and has a very summeresque feel that is complimented by the video very well. You get this sense of youthfulness and freshness and you can’t help but have fun while you hear Michele belt out some of those great notes.

The vocals on this song are great and I really enjoy it. I think this video and song are going to be summer anthems for many people.


Lea Michele in "On My Way" Video.
Lea Michele in “On My Way” Video.

I think the only thing about this video that felt a bit awkward was seeing Michele hugged up and rolling around with a guy. While I realize that they aren’t really dating — and while I know it is healthy for her to move on — I can’t help but feel a sense of “it still feels too soon.”

But in any case Michele shines right through the video and is actually glowing a bit from scene to scene. You can tell Michele had a great time shooting this video and that leads to a very enjoyable watching experience.

So without further-a-do here is the premiere of “On My Way.” Enjoy.


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