Man Crush Monday-Luke Bryan Edition

This man is one of the only country artist — in my opinion — that has the whole package. He’s very marketable and relatable — which makes him a winner in many fields, and his voice and songs are amazing. You can’t help but get the catchy hooks stuck in your head and melt in his rifts and belts. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.

luke-bryanLuke Bryan started his career in 2007 with the release of his debut single “All My Friends Say.” Just a few months after the release of the single, Bryan released his debut album, I’ll Stay Me.

The album did fairly well, peaking at number 2 on the US Billboard Country Music Charts. From the album Bryan released three singles; “All my Friends Said,” “We Rode in Trucks,” and “Country Man.”

Each single showcased this new country talent with fresh beats that paid homage to the greatest elements of country music. Simple lyrics and fun to sing along to hooks.

Luke-Bryan-900-600Yet while Bryan was beginning his career in the country world it wasn’t until his second album Doin’ My Thing that Bryan saw a number 1 position. Both his second and third single off the album both peaked at number 1 on the US Country Charts.

Containing the same home-style country elements as his previous effort, Bryan also brought a sense of maturity and deeper lyrics to his next few singles. The change is more obvious in his lead single off the album “Do I.”

“Do I” reached number 2 and offered a powerful ballad with moving lyrics and showcased a broader look at Bryan’s range. Offering some belts, some rifts and great emotions to move the song along with intensity and soul.

“Do I”

luke_bryanWith the success of his sophomore album Bryan was beginning to be a bigger name in country music. Then came his third album, Tailgates and Tanlines, which gave Bryan his first number 1 album.

The album was led by the dance hit “County Girl (Shake it for Me).” The single was an instant dance hit for country clubs every where. Giving out the same feels that fellow country acts — such as Jason Aldean was– Bryan put together an uptempo song for country girls to “shake it to.”

Bryan kept the uptempo party feel through to the next single “I Don’t Want This Night to End,” giving Bryan yet another number 1 single on the country charts. But it wasn’t until his third single “Drunk On You” that Bryan became a cross over hit.

628x471 (1)“Drunk on You” was the summer hit for both the country and pop charts. In fact — at the time — it was the highest peaked song for Bryan on the overall US charts, peaking at number 16.

Throughout almost every radio station “Drunk on You” was getting airplay and began to give Bryan a bigger appearance in the music world as a whole.

Thanks to the success of Tailgates and Tanlines Bryan began his streak as one of the hottest voices and men of country music. Bryan began to appear in so many places and was becoming a country sex symbol.

His third studio album won him countless American Country Awards, American Country Music Awards,  Country Music Television Awards,  and even an American Music Award.

Bryan was a hot commodity and was ready to release album number 4.

“Drunk on You”

lukebryan_35In 2013 Bryan released his fourth — and best selling — studio album Crash My Party. The album went right to number one, selling 528,000 copies in its first week of release. This was the best selling solo male country album in the past nine years.

Not only that, Crash My Party was the fourth best first-week sells in 2013 right behind Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Drake and Jay-Z. Giving Bryan his first 1 number album on not only the country charts, but the US charts as a whole.

It ended the year as the number 3 album on the country charts and the number 9 album on the billboard 200.

Crash My Party showed so much of Bryans range, ability and talent that it was inevitable that it would be as great as it was. This album is actually the reason Bryan is my Man Crush Monday.


This album shows every reason why a listener should love Luke Bryan. His voice is incredible. For starters his vocals on the album are fun, fresh and powerfully delivered in each song. It has a smooth and silky undertone along with goose-bump inducing belts and beautiful rifts.

Bryan is one of the only artist that as soon as a song of his comes on  I can’t skip past it.

“Crash My Party”

luke-bryan-nbc-today-show-650-430He is such a great story-teller and he knows the emotions that go into each song and has such a colorful range of music in his albums that it leads to an enjoyable listen over-all.

Bryan continues to put out enjoyable singles and in between albums has released six EPs — of which one made it to number 1 and another to number 2 — and two compilation albums.

I can see that this man is just beginning a very great career. He has a great voice, a great ability at writing and choosing songs to record and he is very marketable. It also helps that he isn’t bad on the eyes.

So here are some of my favorite Luke Bryan songs that didn’t make it throughout the post, but that I think you might enjoy.

“Someone Else Calling You Baby”

“I Don’t Want this Night to End”

“Roller Coaster”

“I See You”



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