Fresh Fridays-New Singles, Albums and EPs (Listen Here!)

This week was filled with discovery of new music for me. From country to R&B it seemed like everyone was releasing new material. While most of what I heard was great there were some disappointments and surprises to be had.

Rixton-“Me & My Broken Heart”

Rixton's EP "Me and My Broken Heart."
Rixton’s EP “Me and My Broken Heart.”

This new band was established in 2012 by British actor Jake Roche. The four member band released their first single “Make Out” back in 2013. The group released a video that spoofed many of 2013’s biggest videos from artist such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, etc.

Upon hearing and seeing this video, I didn’t think anything of these guys. I was just like well there is another failed attempt from a band, but after hearing their first official single off their newest EP my mind was changed.

“Me & My Broken Heart” possess a lot of the same qualities from artist such as Maroon 5 and Gym Class Heroes. It’s rhythmic, catchy and very cute. The song, to me, is a total change from “Make Out.”

After hearing this song I felt that I could give their four song EP a chance, and I wasn’t disappointed. From the R&B, falsetto opening track “We All Want the Same Thing” all the way to the last song “Appreciated” I was into every song, and lyric.

One of my favorite songs is “Hotel Ceiling.” It’s powerful, simple and very well delivered. Jake Roche has a very versatile voice with a huge range. When backed by the guitarist Charley Bagnail, keyboardist Danny Wilkin and drummer Lewis Morgan you get a great ending result.

If you haven’t already, you need to take a listen to this group because I see many more things in the future for this group. Their EP is available for download on ITunes. So be sure to get your copy now, but until then enjoy their title track and first single “Me and My Broken Heart.”

“Bartender”- Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum's new single "Bartender."
Lady Antebellum’s new single “Bartender.”

After hearing Miranda Lambert’s new single “Somethin’ Bad” featuring Carrie Underwood, I thought that no other country song could possibly steal my heart this year. Boy was I wrong.

Lady Antebellum’s newest single “Bartender” is the right mix of emotion with attitude and a great beat you could dance to.

Hilary Scott takes the lead vocals on this song that sings about partying and drinking away the memory of your newly found ex.

The mood, vocals and lyrics are enough to have you captivated from beginning to end. The ballad is very powerful and honestly my favorite Lady A song ever. This has to be the best single I have ever heard from this band.

I believe this song’s message can be wrapped up in a few lines from the chorus;

“Hey bartender, pour ’em hot tonight, til the party and the music and the truth collide, bring it til his memory fades away, hey bartender.”

It’s such a great song and I can’t wait to see what else is to come from the group. After their release of Golden last year, I thought I was done as a fan, but then I heard this single and I was back on the Lady A train. Take a listen below and be sure to download your copy on ITunes now.

Cher Lloyd “Sorry I’m Late”

Cher Lloyd's second album "Sorry I'm Late."
Cher Lloyd’s second album “Sorry I’m Late.”

Cher Lloyd has returned to the music scene with her sophomore studio effort Sorry I’m Late. The 11 track album features the singles “I Wish” featuring T.I. and “Sirens.” Along side these songs are some more power ballads, dance tracks and –unfortunately– even some pointless songs.

While I did enjoy a few of the songs right off the bat, such as; “Just Be Mine,” “Bind Your Love,” ‘Human,” and “Alone with Me,” other songs such as ‘Dirty Love,” “M.F.P.O.T.Y” and “Killin It” seem to be pointless songs with no real meaning or reason.

When you skip through those songs and actually listen to the lyrics and hear the emotion in each of the other tracks you can definitely see a growth in Cher Lloyd. There is more of a maturity and sense of emotion in this album that was lacking in her debut album Sticks and Stones.

Many of these songs offer more than the repetitive hook, and catchy beat, while still possessing the same unique and craziness that is Cher Lloyd. I think that she did a great job of showing off her vocal range and showing that she is more than the sassy dress and big attitude.

I do enjoy most of this album, but I am scared that it may be a forgettable album. While there are some songs that stick out there are many other tracks that after you are done hearing them you may forget they were even on the track list.

With that being said there are some highlights and songs that are great to dance to and that you could really  connect with. I think this was a great effort and it’s very enjoyable. Here is a quick peek of the album with my favorite track off the record “Bind Your Love.”

Her album is available for sale on ITunes now, be sure to get your copy.

Mariah Carey “Me, I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse”

Mariah Carey's 13th studio album "Me, I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse"
Mariah Carey’s 13th studio album “Me, I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse”

While I am one of the biggest Mariah Carey fans, and I was genuinely looking forward to some new music by the legend, this new album is nothing less of disappointing.

For starters a lot of the songs sound just like the songs off of her previous studio album, Memories of an Imperfect Angel. Other tracks over stay their welcome by being 4, 5 or even 6 minutes long for no reason, and other songs just seem far too young and awkward for the singer to be recording.

While there are certain tracks that stand out and are really enjoyable for the listener, there are more songs that are less enjoyable that make the album — as a whole — a less enjoyable listen.

One of the biggest moments of confusion and annoyance came on track number 10 “Meteorite.” The song just isn’t a song for Mariah Carey. It is a failed attempt at a throwback to the disco era, and it literally reminds me of some of the songs off Glitter.

With that being said I believe one of the biggest highlights of the album comes towards the end with “One More Try.” The song is beautiful, mature, and posses a lot of the same elements that made us fall in love with 90’s Mariah. I will say that maybe 6 minutes is a bit long for the song, but the emotion and vocals of this song help you over look that.

Also aside from the singles, there are only a few songs that really highlight the album such as;  “Cry,” “Faded,” “You Don’t Know What to Do,” and “Heavenly.”

This album was a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the album the proper chance of a listen. Vocally Carey shows that she is here to stay and that she has not lost her place as one of the biggest voices in the game.

Throughout you will find her classic belts, runs, whispers and beautifully crafted whistle register. I think that for the next album Mariah Carey needs to settle into a more grown and mature R&B feel. Maybe incorporate some of that old 90’s style with the new and stop producing music that is past her age.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the album, “One More Try.” Be sure to listen and get your copy on ITunes now.


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