Jennifer Lopez Releases A.K.A.

Jennifer Lopez released her eighth studio album A.K.A. this morning and to no one’s surprise the album doesn’t live up to the hype. In fact the only thing “hot” about this album is the album’s cover.

Jennifer Lopez shows her sexy and grown side in "A.K.A" album.
Jennifer Lopez shows her sexy and grown side in “A.K.A” album.

After 15 years in the music industry Jennifer Lopez has decided that it was time to try something new. So with her new album fans will get a new R&B and dance feel to Lopez’s musical style. Yet, unfortunately, it isn’t anything too interesting or exciting.

While the album does offer up a few great moments the album as a whole leaves me feeling bored and a bit disappointed.

The opening of the album captures a new feel and style for Lopez. Incorporating house and R&B elements to a track that also features rapper T.I. The song offers a great dance beat and a nice opening to the album, but doesn’t really leave a memorable mark on the listener.

The only reason I point that out, is because as the title track of the album you would expect for this song to be something that not only sums up the album, but is the lasting impression of the album.

The unfortunate thing about this song, and some of the other features, is that T.I. steals the spotlight and it kind of makes you not care for the rest of the song. Yet I can see this song being good in a club.

Following the open song you get the recent single “First Love” which I personally really enjoy. I think this song brings Lopez back to the beginning of her career and showcases why we loved her so much to begin with.

I really enjoyed the pop and fun feel of this song. It was a great song and I believe that this should have been the lead single rather than “I Luh Ya Papi.”

It shows a bit of vocal growth and a lot of maturity in Lopez’s musical style. It contrasted from the feel of her previous album “Love?” and showed hope for a new love in Lopez’s life.

And let’s be honest, that video was super sexy.

After that we just get filled with boring song after boring song. I was very excited to see JLO partner up with newcomer Iggy Azalea. When I saw her on the track listing I was sure that that song was going to be a hit, unfortunately it just lacks motivation and leaves the listener wondering why it even happened.

The sad thing is that even Azalea’s verse isn’t interesting enough to help you defend the song. It stays constant and doesn’t offer anything to keep a listener interested for the complete 3 minutes.

article-2655920-1EAF109000000578-13_634x604Even with the album not being that interesting I do want to point out a few songs that deserve a listen or two.

“Never Satisfied” is definitely one of the biggest highlights for me. This song does so much for Lopez, it allows her to show a bigger range to her voice and it shows the emotions that are held within each note.

It has been a while since I’ve instantly fallen in love with a JLO song, but this song just had me from the first note to the last. While I do get a big thrown off by the whinny aspect of Lopez’s high notes, I do enjoy this song and this is definitely a favorite of mine. Great effort was put into producing this song and it shows.

The only problem for this song is the placement of the song on the album. It’s like you go from enjoying this great ballad to one of the worst songs on the album, in my opinion, “I Luh Ya Papi.”

From the moment this song came out I was disappointed in the direction Lopez was going with this album. The song is simplistic, annoying and vocally limited and with held. The only thing that really stands out for this single is the nice dance beat.

Another song that really stood out to me as a good song was “Let it Be Me.” This ballad brings a very deep and emotional feel to the entire album. We get true emotions and heart ache in every line and it kind of makes you stop and listen.

It’s one of those songs that truly demands your attention in a subtle way. This is another song that really shows off a great part of JLO’s voice and it actually shows a bit of maturity and growth.

The best part of the song is towards the end when she belts out the last few choruses and then breaks in a whispy falsetto. I can tell you I don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with a JLO ballad.

Other than that the rest of the album just seems like an alright listen. It’s just very hard to stay interested no matter how much you try.

Then there is the bonus tracks! “Tens” is clearly geared towards Lopez’s large gay fan base and because of it the song fails to resonate with other audiences.

The song is shallow and tries far too hard to be a “great dance track.” It’s actually a little uncomfortable to listen to and it’s just a song that I never would have expected from Lopez. It actually discouraged me to listen to the other bonus tracks, but I gave them a chance.

The only bonus track that truly stood out to me was “Expertease (Ready, Set, Go).” The song is sexy, sassy and nice to listen to. It definitely sets a very sensual mood from the moment it first opens all the way to the end of the song.

I think that it definitely shows off a mature and sexy side of Lopez that could be fun to watch come to life in a video. This is definitely a song that should of been in the regular album rather than a bonus track.

Currently the album sits at number 10 on ITunes. unfortunately I don’t see much great coming from this album and as a long time Jennifer Lopez fan, I am a bit disappointed. With that being said take a listen to the tracks above and you be the judge.

The album is available for digital download on ITunes now.



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