20 Years Later Still an Icon

20 Years ago today, the world lost one of the most influential Latin artist of all times. She broke the barriers and proved everyone wrong when they said she couldn’t do it. The woman I am referring to is none other than Latin megastar Selena Quintanilla Perez. In her short 23 years of life this beautiful songstress touched so many lives and changed the world of music as we knew it.

Selena broke the walls down and allowed Latin artist after her — such as Jennifer Lopez who played her in the 1997 biopic — to be successful or to at least dream and try. She continues to be an icon and is still one of the most influential women in music.

To me, Selena means more than her music. She inspired my love for music and my passion for singing, but she also inspired my love for a culture that I am proud to be a part of. She also showed me to love myself, stay humble and enjoy every moment of life that I’m given.

Ever since I can remember I grew up around the artist that was Selena. When she died I was only a little over a year, yet being from Texas you never can escape the phenomena that is Selena. When her biopic was released I was 4 years old and I watched that movie, at least, 10 times a day.

It taught me so much , it taught me courage, confidence, and acceptance of who you are! She is the reason that I pursue my dreams and she is the reason I believe that my dreams are possible. I never let anyone tell me I can’t, or that my dreams are too far-fetched or that it’s not possible, because Selena showed me that ANYTHING is possible.

I want to thank her for her music, her gorgeous smile and for the lessons that I’ve learned in life! I continue to carry and spread your memory and that will be my thanks to you forever!

In honor of today’s special occasion here are my top 10 favorite songs from Selena! 🙂 We will let the music speak for itself.

10-Is It the Beat

9-Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

8-Dreaming of You

7-Amor Prohibido

6-I Could Fall in Love

5-Como La Flor

4-Si Una Vez

3-Donde Quiera Que Estes 

2-La Llamada

1-No Me Queda Mas

Disco Medley-No Selena tribute would be complete without this UNFORGETTABLE performance from Selena’s last performance.


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